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Silver Heart Pictures is home to the work of Director and Photographer B James.

My philosophy is simple; to make stylish and beautiful brand films that are powerful and emotive. Films to connect with, to make you feel something in this ever changing, often over-crowded market place of digital media…its not always about shouting the loudest, its about being heard in the right way and having something meaningful to say.

I bring over 10 years experience in the business, working on content for such prestigious clients as: The NHS, Nordic Spirit, HSBC Bank, Salesforce, The British Fashion Council, Vivienne Westwood and the Instagram star 'The Nomad Barber.'

I also make commercials, product films and 'about us' films specifically tailored for Instagram and facebook.

Whether it's directing, producing or working in partnership with production companies or ad agencies, I have a core team of  experienced filmmakers to call on, including long time collaborator, freelance DOP and Cinematographer David Cawley.


Every step of the way, I will deliver. From working hand in hand with you on the concept and idea, to pre-production and filming, editing / post-production all the way to completion. 

Alongside films, I now offer a comprehensive photography service for the complete visual package. I also provide photography as a standalone option. 

WHY NO SOCIAL MEDIA?...well, this is a conscious decision.

I understand in every detail how social media works and how to best use such a powerful medium of communication to help my clients...BUT, I choose not to actively post myself.

I feel that this is the best way to remain impartial, objective, inspired and help my clients with their 'words to speak'.

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