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Silver Heart Pictures is home to the work of Director and Producer B James.


The philosophy is simple; to make stylish and beautiful brand films that are powerful and emotive. Films to connect with, to make you feel something in this ever changing, often over-crowded market place of digital media…its not always about shouting the loudest…its about being heard in the right way and having something meaningful to say.

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With film maker and editor Ian Hayers now part of the Silver Heart Pictures family, they bring together over twelve years experience in the business, working on content for such prestigious clients as: The NHS, Nordic Spirit, Ben Sherman, Innocent, HSBC, Kellogg's, Yale, Silent Pool Gin and the Instagram star 'The Nomad Barber.'

We also make commercials, product films and 'about us' films specifically tailored for Instagram and facebook.

Whether it's directing, producing or working in partnership with production companies or ad agencies, we have a core team of talented and experienced filmmakers to call on, including long time collaborator, freelance DOP and Cinematographer David Cawley.

Every step of the way, we will deliver. From working hand in hand with you on the concept and idea, to pre-production and filming, editing / post-production all the way to completion. 

Alongside films, we now offer our clients a comprehensive photography service for the complete visual package. This is also provided as a standalone option. 

WHY NO SOCIAL MEDIA?...well, this is a conscious decision.

By constantly monitoring current trends and styles of branded content across all platforms, we understand in every detail how social media works and how to best use such a powerful medium of communication for our clients...BUT, we choose not to actively participate ourselves. We feel that the best way to remain objective, inspired and help our clients with their 'words to speak'  is not to join in the conversation ourselves.

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